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Lamorinda Realtor Judy Sin Brokers Difficult Deal On Home With 2 Months Of Renovations Left

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Despite renovations two months away from being completed, Lamorinda realtor Judy Sin closed an incredibly difficult, $1.85 million deal at 1072 Via Roble, Lafayette, California. The four bedroom, three bath home, which was built in 1956 and is 1.51 acres, sold for $251,000 above the planned list price, despite renovations not due to be completed for another two months.

Sin, an experienced Lamorinda realtor in California, worked diligently with both the buyer and seller – providing extensive data and comprehensive market analysis to ensure all parties understood the market conditions and value of property.

“By working hand-in-hand with both the buyer and seller, I was able to provide updated market analysis to both parties and a proper valuation to ensure this sale could be executed before the property was listed,” Sin said.

Tasked with the challenge of selling a property before it was listed on the Multiple Listing Services, Sin negotiated the deal after the buyer contacted her directly with interest in purchasing the home. First, she ensured the property was properly appraised so the loan can be fully funded. Judy met with the appraisers on-site and provided sufficient comps and walked them through the renovations so they could fully understand the changes that would come.

“The key to this deal was making sure an adequate appraisal was conducted because the renovations were not complete,” Sin said. “This required me to walk the appraisers through the home so they could fully understand the renovations to come and put an accurate price on the property. It wasn’t easy but in the end we got the deal done and both parties are extremely happy, especially because this type of deal requires a high level of trust from all parties involved.”

Aside from the challenging task of selling a home before it was listed, Judy worked out a deal for the seller to rent back after close of escrow. In addition, she represented both the buyer and seller — a task that requires a high level of professionalism to ensure a smooth and objective transition, while protecting both parties’ interests and working out the best possible deal.

“This entire deal was predicated on trust — especially the trust both the seller and the buyer instilled in me,” Sin said. “And because of that trust, all parties are extremely satisfied. In the end, all parties came out victorious.”

Judy Sin and her family moved to Moraga before the pandemic and immediately welcomed 10 chickens to their family. During the lonely shelter in place, it was these chickens that connected them to the community. 1072 Via Roble is where she got her favorite chicken from.


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