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Local’s Guide to the Best Restaurant for Brunch Near Lamorinda, California

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Are you worried about moving away from the city you know? Although it can be challenging to relocate to a new area in the suburbs to find the best schools and larger houses for your budget, I hope to show you that with the help of a few knowledgeable locals who love to explore, you can find the best spots in town to enjoy yourself in no time!

Here are my top brunch menu recommendations in the Lamorinda area, including the cities of Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda, through to Oakland. Each of these venues has been chosen for its great ambiance, lovely seating (both indoor and outdoor!), and, of course, their insane brunch menus. Honestly, you might need a snack just reading this post, as there are some seriously drool-worthy options!

Top Brunch Spots in Lamorinda According to the Locals

Use the map below to find the best spot for your location!

Brenda’s offer countless breakfast choices, including their signature cinnamon battered brioche French toast served with a butter pecan sauce (excuse me while I compose myself from this food heaven!).

One local says, ‘their biscuits and homemade spiced strawberry jam are outstanding’, so this is definitely a place to check out if you have a sweet tooth!

Did I mention that Brenda’s is also women, Asian and LGBTQ+ owned? Therefore, an excellent restaurant to support if you are new to the Lamorinda area. Plus, this venus is also exceptionally kid-friendly, from the food menu to the milkshakes (even for the fussiest of little ones!), and serves a couple of vegan options.

If you fancy a lazy morning lie-in (which I fully support), you can roll out of bed at a leisurely hour and still make it in time to enjoy the more upscale brunch menu at Metro Lafayette. All their brunch items are available from 12-3 pm on weekends. They include their smoked salmon benedict eggs with garlic country potatoes and the organic buttermilk fried chicken and biscuit with mash and gravy.

According to a local’s review of the Metro Lafayette, the restaurant has ‘multiple personalities,’ meaning there are several different seating areas to choose from, including an outdoor area with plant features and flowers. The local also wrote that ‘the portions are generous, fresh and garnished nicely and the staff are friendly and energetic’, which is just what you need at a weekend brunch!

Specialist in the rustic style farm-to-table cuisine, the chefs at Park Bistro & Bar offer a fresh take on an American diner with a European flair. However, just be aware they only serve their breakfast items from 7 am to 10:30 am. Although, the breakfast items worth considering getting up and out of the house early on the weekend include a Mediterranean omelet with feta and fluffy buttermilk waffles with rich maple and fresh berries.

A local wrote that this venue is a ‘neighborhood gem’ (oh no, maybe I should keep this one to myself, haha), and another said they ‘highly recommend’! It’s also worth noting that Park Bistro can accommodate any dietary requirements, which is always something to bear in mind to put any guests with allergies at ease.

Chef Wence takes pride in delivering tasty, fresh, and innovative dishes to the people of Plesant Hill, CA. And the locals seem to agree, saying Wence’s has ‘a wonderful menu with something for everyone’. Someone also said they ‘especially enjoy their weekend brunch menu’ and that ‘the lobster and crab Benedict options are well worth a trip to Wence’s’. Pair these seafood options with a Bloody Mary, and you are good to go!

Private dining area for medium-sized groups of about 15-20 guests, making it the perfect spot for a private brunch, such as a family get-together or birthday venue, when you want to be a little noisier or prefer the peace of a private room.

Honestly, once you look at the Limewood Bar & Restaurant and see the gorgeous interiors and stunning outdoor area, you’ll be dead set on making a trip over here. Be sure to book a slot on weekend days between 10 am to 2 pm to enjoy the brunch menu.

The Limewood is a great choice for any weather as you can enjoy lovely indoor and outdoor seating options. Just be aware that if you are a larger group, the outdoor seating might be nearer the parking lot, which isn’t ideal! So be sure to request a table in the main seating area or the prettier outdoor area for the best background atmosphere and views.

‘The Claremont has a great brunch with great views’, another local added ‘yes, The Claremont is beautiful!’, and another recommended this venue for its ‘pretty views’. So, it’s safe to safe this restaurant is well-known by the locals in Lamorinda for its views!

Dine in at The Coop32 until 2:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday to choose from their weekend brunch menu. The top choices on the brunch menu include a short rib hash and a chorizo breakfast skillet, and if that isn’t enough, you can also choose a breakfast cocktail. Their cocktail pitchers are set to get your weekend off to a bang or help you nurse a hangover with The Cooperage Bloody Mary pitcher. Another local also reminded me that they serve up a ‘beautiful gin and tonic and mimosas’, so this is the spot if you are also a boozy brunch.

One local also said they hired a part of the restaurant for a booking of 30 people for brunch. They said it was ‘great and they played us Sunday brunch jazz music’. Therefore The Coop32 could be the perfect venue if you host a large party when your friends from San Fransico or your extended family come to visit during the holidays.

The Havana in WC is another great choice for a boozy brunch as they offer bottomless mimosas and mojitos alongside the tasty brunch menu. Of course, this is not surprising as they are a Miami-influenced Cuban dining experience and many locals say the mojitos are ‘very good’ and flock to enjoy them on the weekends.

Havana also offers lots of outdoor seating with umbrellas and heating to sit outside at any time of day and in any weather conditions.

Multiple locals have recommended The Hideout Kitchen & Café for being the ‘best brunch’ and they certainly look like the best place for Californian comfort food in the area to me. Join them for brunch between 10 am and 3 pm on weekends.

Although just be aware this location is less than a hideout and more ‘found out’ as everyone seems to be gathering here on the weekends, and it can get a little noisy. Although, this may be just the background atmosphere you are hoping for and could suit a large group perfectly as you won’t have to worry about toning down your laughs! One local reminded us that they have a section called ‘The Library’ you can rent for private spaces if you prefer something a little more low-key.

The Hideout Kitchen is a number of locals ‘go-to’ venue for a meal out. However, similarly to The Claremont, group seating outside overlooks the parking lot, which isn’t always the best option. Although you might overlook this aspect when you read their super extensive brunch menu.

Honorable Brunch Mentions in the Oakland in the San Fransisco Bay Area California


Considering moving to Lamorinda? The Lamorinda area, which is East of Berkeley Hills and between Walnut Creek and Caldecott Tunnel, includes the cities of Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda, CA. These suburbs are all about half an hour by car from the more lively city of San Francisco, so they are close enough that you can still pop back for work or spend a more upbeat evening with your friends in the city, yet you can enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of these less populated cities. Get in touch if you are considering relocating to these areas and want to have a local realtor help you with the buying process along the way. I’d be happy to assist your search for your dream family home!

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