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Pediatricians, Urgent Care & ER to Go Near Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda

Updated: Mar 1

Each of these pediatric doctors and medical groups in Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda CA have been highly recommended and endorsed by other Lamorinda families. Make sure to meet with a few different doctors before deciding on the right fit for your family.

"Up here (in East Bay California) you want to be associated with UCSF and Children’s. John Muir is preferred over Summit, where Stanford group practices."

The following pediatricians/medical groups are being recommended consistently by other Lamorinda families:


#.1: Lamorinda Pediatrics

930 Dewing Ave, Lafayette, CA 94549

Tel: (925) 284-1800

  • Dr. Daniel L. Robbins, MD

  • Dr. Andrew Min, MD

  • Dr. Juliana Herbert

  • Dr. Michael Kubalik

Neighbors Reviews: Lamorinda families raved about their experience and all the doctors at Lamorinda Pediatrics. Easy to use website for portal / messaging. Doctors and nurses can easily be reached. Dr. Dan Robbins always seems to be on call when we have a complex situation and he’s always been able to diagnose and recommend the right course of action.

#.2: East Bay Pediatrics

96 Davis Rd UNIT 2, Orinda, CA 94563

Tel: (925) 438-1100

Neighbors Reviews: Loved East Bay Pediatrics from birth until her daughter felt she grew out of then at eighteen. However, she has had students stay into their twenties. Jennifer Miller is super smart and love her connections at Children’s. Office in Orinda is super convenient. Very thorough and well connected to Children's Hospital and UCSF specialists. Highly recommend.

#.3: Dr. Lloyd H. Takao

15 Altarinda Rd Suite 100, Orinda, CA 94563

Tel: (925) 253-1199

Neighbors Reviews: Dr Lloyd Takao in orinda is just brilliant!!!! He used to be the chief of The medical a staff at Children’s Oakland and still teaches. He may not be taking new patients, but if you can get in- do it!!

Neighbors Reviews: He identified a serious medical condition for my daughter recently that wasn’t being considered by others. He was right on. We also have his personal cell and he has even been known to visit home in special circumstances. Can’t say enough great things

#.4: Summit Pediatrics - Orinda

3 Altarinda Rd Suite 300, Orinda, CA 94563

Tel: (925) 254-9500

  • Dr. Jennifer Dovichi

  • James Evans, MD

  • Robin Meezan, MD

Neighbors Reviews: Another vote for Dovichi, Evans, Meezan and Wu. My kids are in their teens and we have been there since they were born. They helped us through all the illnesses and broken bones. Amazing and caring doctors and staff!


5 Urgent Care Clinics or ER to Go Near Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda

It depends on the problems/issues. Each of these urgent care clinics and ER, some local and some further away, have been highly recommended and endorsed by other Lamorinda families. No appointment needed, you can walk-in or book online to see the emergency medicine physicians.

After Hour (After 5pm, or sometimes after 7pm):

During Business Hour:


#.1: Children's Hospital ER - Oakland

747 52nd St, Oakland, CA 94609

Tel: (510) 428-3240

Neighbors Reviews: Many suggested going to the Children's Hospital ER in Oakland if you need an ER. One parent said they had been there 10x since they moved to Lamorinda (OMG! Sorry to hear), and Children's emergency room is the best. John Muir ER is a trauma center and can see an influx of complex cases at any moment, and many don't recommend it for children.

#.2: UCSF After Hour Clinic - Berkeley

2920 Telegraph Ave Suite 200, Berkeley, CA 94705

Tel: (510) 486-8344

Neighbors Reviews: This after hour clinic opens until 9pm (Berkeley location), many used it for after hour treatment, and raved about how fast and nice the experience was.

#.3: Sutter Urgent Care - Orinda

12 Cam Encinas, Orinda, CA 94563

Tel: (510) 204-8075

Hours: 8am - 5pm

Neighbors Reviews: According to someone who went to Sutter recently, Sutter in Orinda was great, she went in for an X-ray, in and out in less than 30 minutes she said.

Another vote for Sutter in Orinda. Shorter wait times and it is linked to the Sutter network of docs and facilities if you need something beyond a quick check by a doctor.

#.4: John Muir Urgent Care - Orinda

140 Brookwood Rd Suite 200, Orinda, CA 94563

Tel: (925) 254-9800

#.5: STAT MED Urgent Care - Lafayette

3799 Mt Diablo Blvd #,100, Lafayette, CA 94549

Tel: (925) 297-6396

Hours: 9am-7pm (M-F), 9am-5pm (SS)

Neighbors Reviews: Many have mixed experience at the Stat Med medical group, ranging from billing issues to misdiagnosis. This is what the neighbors said,

Stat Med in Lafayette allows online registration which is nice, but if it's anything beyond standard antibiotics, many suggested to go to Sutter in Orinda instead.

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