• Judy Sin

Realtor Judy Sin Launches Website To Provide Customized Home Valuations In Bay Area California 

Judy Sin, a real estate agent with Compass that has years of experience in the luxury market, today announced the launch of her website HowMuchIsThisHome.com, a website that provides accurate home values for Bay Area California homes.

The site provides people in the Bay Area access to a detailed home valuation, with every report personally reviewed by Judy to ensure the contents are accurate and up to date.

“This website is a one-stop-shop for homeowners, sellers and buyers looking to pinpoint important details without calling different realtors,” Judy said. “With comprehensive reports, valuations, estimates and more, buyers and sellers in the Bay Area will now have access to all the important information they need in one place.”

Homeowners can use the website to track the value of a home, receive details about the house and track any changes in the market. The website will help buyers understand the latest transactions and pricing so they know how much to offer when purchasing.

Sellers now have access to fast and accurate data. Sellers can also request a 1:1 virtual consultation with Judy to discuss selling options and to have any other questions answered.

The site provides comparable homes, average pricing, average price per square foot, the best time to sell, online valuations, estimated market value, commission distribution reports, intelligent pricing and more.

For more information about Judy, or if you’re buying or selling your home, contact her at judy.sin@compass.com or 646.262.7952.