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Who is Judy Sin?

Updated: Jul 7

Bay Area, California - Judy Sin is one of the hottest names in Bay Area real estate. From her humble beginnings as a Chinese immigrant to selling $30,000,000 real estate as a solo agent and a newbie in California on Instagram. Judy is changing the way that people buy and sell homes. Discover more about Judy Sin, what drives her, and how she is changing the real estate industry today.

Judy Sin’s Early Life

Judy was born in Hong Kong, where she spent her entire childhood attending the same school. While it would have been easy to allow life to become a routine, Judy was always a “rebel at heart.” After going from kindergarten through high school at the same all-girls Christian school, Judy packed everything she owned into two suitcases and made the move to the United States after graduating college.

"I think life is a competition. Everyday, I am pushing myself to outperform my yesterday"

Judy Sin and her classmates in Hong Kong, taken at Heep Yunn School, where she studied from kindergarten to high school

No Plan B

After arriving in the United States, Judy went to Chicago to pursue a graduate degree in International Public Administration. Suddenly, her eyes were opened, and she was able to travel the world through her studies. She studied abroad in Nancy, France; stayed at a refugee camp in Chiapas, Mexico; and spent some time in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She impressed professors, one of whom wrote her a letter of recommendation for an internship at the United Nations.

The interview process went on for two days. “Do you have other plans if you don’t get this internship?” The interviewer certainly didn’t expect the response that was coming. Judy responded, “No, I don’t. As I don’t plan to fail.” The answer impressed the interviewer, and Judy was granted the internship, allowing her to move to Manhattan, New York.

Life in New York

Living in New York allowed Judy to open her own conference production company. For over 10 years, Judy tackled challenging projects and helped the US pharmaceutical companies to enter the Chinese market. Her clients include executives from Pfizer, Merck, JnJ etc. Additionally, Judy started a family in New York. She made the move from Manhattan to Long Island after the birth of her second child, where she began her career in real estate.

She struggled with the decision, but finally made the move to Bay Area, California so her children could be near family. Unfortunately, this move came in 2020, just as the world was about to shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her children moved to California and knew no one. To make matters worse, they couldn’t even see people’s faces due to mask mandates, making it even harder to make friends. Judy purchased 10 chickens, which were her children’s only friends in California for a while.

Reviving Her Real Estate Career

While the rest of the real estate industry was struggling to survive the pandemic, Judy, after being encouraged by her firm’s marketing department, started sharing her story online. Pushing beyond her comfort zone, Judy primarily used Instagram in order to share her stories and revive her real estate career.

In a little over a year, Judy as a solo agent has sold more than $30 million in properties, including a record-breaking $2.725 million. Thanks to Judy’s revolutionary approach to digital marketing and storytelling, she is able to connect with buyers from all over with their dream homes.

Judy is changing the way that people buy and sell homes in one of the most competitive markets in the United States. That’s not really a surprise, Judy has always been a rebel. That nature has positioned her at the top of her industry.

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