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1072 Via Roble, Lafayette - Mastering a Pre-Renovation Completion Sale in Happy Valley

In a remarkable display of real estate expertise and negotiation skill, Lamorinda realtor Judy Sin previously orchestrated the sale of a property at 1072 Via Roble, Lafayette, California. This transaction was not just a routine sale; it was a complex, $1.85 million deal closed under uniquely challenging circumstances.

1072 Via Roble, Lafayette - Mastering a Pre-Renovation Completion Sale in Happy Valley

Exceptional Sale in Happy Valley:

The property, a charming four-bedroom, three-bath home built in 1956 and spanning 1.51 acres, is nestled in Lafayette's prestigious Happy Valley neighborhood. Despite being in the midst of renovations, which were two months from completion, Judy successfully closed the deal for $251,000 above the initially planned list price.

Strategic Approach and Market Insight:

Judy's strategy involved deep market analysis and collaborative communication with both the buyer and seller. “By working hand-in-hand with both parties and providing up-to-date market analysis, I ensured that this sale was executed flawlessly before the property was even listed,” said Judy. Her approach underpinned the importance of accurate valuation, essential in a market as dynamic as Lafayette's.

Building Trust and Dual Representation:

Judy's ability to foster trust among all parties was instrumental in this deal, particularly as she represented both the buyer and seller. “The success of this deal hinged on the high level of trust instilled by both parties,” Judy remarked. Additionally, she skillfully negotiated a rent-back agreement for the seller post-escrow, demonstrating her commitment to meeting her clients' needs.

Overcoming Appraisal and Pre-Listing Challenges:

A pivotal aspect of this deal was navigating the appraisal of the property before the completion of renovations. Judy's proactive approach in working closely with the appraisers, walking them through the renovation plans, and providing comparative market analysis was key in obtaining an accurate valuation.

Personal Connection to the Property:

Trust played a crucial role in this transaction. Judy's ability to foster a high level of trust among all parties, facilitated by her personal connection to the area and community, was instrumental. Judy’s relationship with the seller began through a personal bond – adopting a rooster from them and having children in the same school, which added a unique, trust-building element to the professional relationship.


The successful sale of 1072 Via Roble is a testament to Judy Sin's exceptional skill in managing complex transactions, her market knowledge, and her ability to connect and build trust with clients. This transaction exemplifies her dedication to achieving outstanding outcomes in Lafayette's real estate market.

For those navigating the complexities of the Lafayette real estate market, whether buying or selling, Judy Sin offers unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence. Contact Judy to experience success in your real estate ventures.

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