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Comprehensive Preschool Directory for Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda & Walnut Creek

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Choosing the Right Preschool: A Guide to Early Childhood Education

To aid in your search, we've compiled a detailed preschool directory of preschools in Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, and Walnut Creek areas, complete with key information on each institution's philosophy, programs, tuition, and contact details.

Lafayette Preschool Directory

Discover the Perfect Preschool for Your Child in Lafayette

This preschool directory provides detailed information on each preschool's philosophy, programs, days, tuition, and contact details, along with a brief description to give you a sense of what each school offers in terms of early childhood education.

Lafayette Preschool Directory

Lafayette Preschools

Diablo Valley Montessori School
  • Philosophy: Embraces the Montessori method, fostering independence and a love for learning.

  • Programs: Infant/Toddler to Preschool/K, with Full and Half Day options.

  • Tuition: Up to $2200/month.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 283-6036,

Growing Light Montessori School
  • Philosophy: Montessori environment that supports individual child's curiosity and creativity.

  • Programs: Toddler/Preschool to TK/Kindergarten.

  • Tuition: $1850 - $2202/month based on part/full-time.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 282-9699,

Happy Days Learning Center
  • Philosophy: Stimulates curiosity, encourages uniqueness, and fosters healthy self-concept.

  • Programs: Preschool to Kindergarten, plus a Distance Learning Program for K-5th Grade.

  • Tuition: $430 - $1460, varying by program.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 932-8088,

Joyful Beginnings
  • Philosophy: Offers a developmental curriculum in a nurturing environment.

  • Programs: 2's to Pre-K, with varying day options.

  • Tuition: $375 - $680/month, depending on days attended.

  • Days: Options from 2 to 5 days a week.

  • Contact: (925) 284-1143,

Lafayette Nursery School
  • Philosophy: Play-based curriculum with parent participation, focusing on social and emotional development.

  • Programs: 2 to 5 years old groups.

  • Tuition: $240 - $410.

  • Days: Varies by age group.

  • Contact: (925) 284-2448,

Merriewood Children's Center
  • Philosophy: Social play-based approach in a nurturing environment.

  • Programs: Rainbow (2 days), Rainbow (3 days), Balloon (5 days).

  • Tuition: $405 - $785, with additional hourly rates for extended care.

  • Days: Monday - Friday, with flexible scheduling.

  • Contact: (925) 284-2121,

Michael Lane Preschool
  • Philosophy: Developmental, play-based curriculum encouraging social interaction and learning through play.

  • Programs: Mixed age group program with 2, 3, and 5-day options.

  • Tuition: $365 - $786/month.

  • Days: Varies by program choice.

  • Contact: (925) 284-7244,

Old Firehouse School
  • Philosophy: Reggio Emilia approach, fostering curiosity and creativity.

  • Programs: Toddler to Developmental Kindergarten.

  • Tuition: $1590 - $2195/month, depending on the program.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 284-4321,

Pillar Cowork/Daycare
  • Philosophy: Combines NAEYC guidelines with a commitment to creating a secure, nurturing environment.

  • Programs: Toddler/Preschool, with an Infant Program planned.

  • Tuition: $700 - $1700/month


Moraga Preschool Directory

Explore the enriching world of early childhood education in Moraga with our comprehensive preschool directory. Find the perfect environment for your child to flourish by reviewing each school's unique approach, offerings, and essential details.

Moraga Preschools

Growing Light Montessori School
  • Philosophy: Focuses on nurturing each child's natural curiosity and creativity through a Montessori environment.

  • Programs: Toddler/Preschool to TK/Kindergarten.

  • Tuition: $1850 (Part-Time) to $2202 (Full-Time) per month.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 376-1751,

The Child Day School-Moraga
  • Philosophy: Utilizes a High-Scope curriculum combined with a project approach, focusing on supportive climate and conflict resolution.

  • Programs: Infants/Toddlers to Pre-K.

  • Tuition: $670 - $1910, varies by age and program.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 376-5110,

The Saklan School
  • Philosophy: Aims to challenge students to think creatively, act compassionately, and live courageously.

  • Programs: Pre-K to 8th Grade, Extended Day, and Summer Camp available.

  • Tuition: Pre-K: $16,000; K-8: $26,300 - $30,900. Extended Day and Summer Camp additional.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 376-7900,

MVPC Nurtury Preschool
  • Philosophy: Christian environment aiming to nurture and educate young children across multiple dimensions.

  • Programs: 2's to Pre-K, Full and Part-Time options.

  • Tuition: $625 - $1890, varies by days and full/part-time status.

  • Days: Options from 3 to 5 days a week.

  • Contact: (925) 388-0086,

Growing Tree
  • Philosophy: "Roots and Wings" approach, providing a safe, loving environment for growth and confidence.

  • Programs: Two's, Three's Preschool, Four's Pre-K, and Pre-K+.

  • Tuition: Contact the school for detailed tuition information.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 376-8200,


Orinda Preschool Directory

Embark on the journey to find the ideal preschool in Orinda with our in-depth directory. This guide offers insights into each school's unique educational philosophy, program offerings, schedule options, tuition fees, and how to get in touch, facilitating an informed decision for your child's early learning experience.

Orinda Preschool Directory

Orinda Preschools

Fountainhead Montessori School
  • Philosophy: Adheres to the Montessori method, emphasizing self-directed learning and holistic development.

  • Programs: Prep, Primary, Spanish Immersion, Before and After Care.

  • Tuition: Prep: $851-$1,388/month; AM Primary: $1,072-$1,244/month; Spanish Immersion: $933/month. Before/After Care: $15/hr.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 254-7110,

Orinda Afternoons Preschool And Childcare
  • Philosophy: Year-round outdoor, home-based program with a mix of early childhood philosophies, including elements from the Scandinavian forest school tradition.

  • Programs: Young Preschool and Preschool.

  • Tuition: Contact the school for current pricing.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 254-1974,

St. John Preschool
  • Philosophy: Partners with families to provide a safe, stimulating environment, focusing on effective childcare and educational practices.

  • Programs: Play-based curriculum for Toddler/Two’s to Preschool.

  • Tuition: Toddler/Two’s: $990-$1735; Preschool: $975-$1635. Half-day options available.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 254-4470,

St. Mark’s Nursery School
  • Philosophy: Play-based curriculum in a structured, nurturing environment with a focus on outdoor play.

  • Programs: Various age groups from Hummingbirds to Hawks.

  • Tuition: Full-Day: $740-$1665; Part-Time Morning: $385-$780. Additional pricing info on the website.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 254-1364,

St. Stephen’s Preschool
  • Philosophy: Offers a loving atmosphere for social, emotional, and cognitive growth in a child-centered program.

  • Programs: Preschool program focusing on readiness for kindergarten.

  • Tuition: Please contact the school for tuition information.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 254-3770,

TOPS The Orinda Preschool
  • Philosophy: Believes in the importance of a positive sense of self and emotional well-being as foundations for cognitive abilities and life success.

  • Programs: Programs for 2s/3s, 3s/4s, and Pre-K (4s/5s) with parent participation.

  • Tuition: Based on the program and level of parent participation.

  • Days: Varies by program.

  • Contact: (925) 254-2551,


Walnut Creek Preschool Directory

Navigating the early education options in Walnut Creek is an important journey for families. This comprehensive directory is designed to help you understand the unique qualities of each preschool, enabling you to make an informed decision for your child's formative years.

Walnut Creek Preschools

Grace Cooperative Preschool
  • Philosophy: Emphasizes a developmental, play-based curriculum within a parent participation framework.

  • Programs: Options for different age groups, focusing on social and emotional development.

  • Tuition: $250 - $350, depending on the program.

  • Days: Varies by program.

  • Contact: (925) 421-0150,

KLA Schools of Walnut Creek
  • Philosophy: Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, focusing on the natural development of children and the close relationships they share with their environment.

  • Programs: From Baby Nidos to Kindergarten.

  • Tuition: $1420 - $2375, varies by age and program.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 357-8080,

KSS Immersion Schools Walnut Creek
  • Philosophy: Total Spanish immersion utilizing elements of emergent, theme-based, and Reggio Emilia curricula.

  • Programs: Spanish Immersion for various age groups.

  • Tuition: $1475 - $1935, varies by age and program.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (877) 442-2555,

Pied Piper Preschool
  • Philosophy: A parent-participation (cooperative) preschool with a play-based, developmental program.

  • Programs: Options for 2.5 years through pre-kindergarten.

  • Tuition: $220 - $350/month, with additional options for enrichment.

  • Days: Varies by session.

  • Contact: (925) 932-3816,

The Seven Hills School
  • Philosophy: Integrates a Reggio-inspired, inquiry-based curriculum focusing on the whole child.

  • Programs: Preschool to 8th Grade, with extended day rates available.

  • Tuition: $17,095/year for Preschool and PreKindergarten.

  • Days: Monday - Friday.

  • Contact: (925) 933-0666,

Making Your Choice

This directory is intended as a starting point in your search for the perfect preschool. We recommend visiting these schools, meeting the staff, and experiencing the environment firsthand to ensure it aligns with your child's needs and your family's values.

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