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What's it Like to Live in Lamorinda (Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda)?

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Lamorinda (Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda) in East Bay California has pockets for just about every kind of lifestyle you want to live. And many are great for families for their safety, high-ranking schools, amenities and close-knit community. As a mom of two, realtor Judy Sin is always happy to help families relocate to Lamorinda or surrounding suburbs. So here are some top advantages for families moving to Lamorinda, California.

What To Expect From the Lamorinda Climate?

Lamorinda's general climate is gorgeous and you’ll undoubtedly notice the warmer air and reduced wind and fog in East Bay compared to San Francisco. The feeling of driving back from the bigger cities into the more quaint cities in Lamorinda never gets old. However, the rainfall is similar to other East Bay cities and generally only rains between late October to mid-April.


Orinda is hilly and can have more variation. The hills keep the fog from Oakland and San Francisco at bay. Orinda summers are also more pleasant and warmer than the Bay Area. And winters are more magical with the higher rainfall. You can generally expect highs of 78°F in the summer with lows of 42°F in the New Year.


Summer mornings in Moraga are pretty, as the land holds a morning fog for the first few hours of the day. However, as it is one of the more windy cities in the area, you can generally expect this to dissipate by noon. As a result, Moraga can reach highs of 83°F and lows matching that of Orinda. What's more, Moraga is a climate award-winning city with a score of 9.4 out of 10 for its summer climate by The Best Places Comfort Index!


The climate in Lafayette isn’t too dissimilar from Moraga, with temperatures of 82°F in the peak of summer and lows of 41°F in wintertime. The warm and clear summers tend to be long as they are sandwiched between shorter winter seasons.

Outdoor Activities on Your Doorstep

Of course, there’s little use in an optimal climate if you can enjoy it with your family. And you shouldn't have this problem in Lamorinda, as there are countless scenic trails and parks to take to by foot or bike.

Nature and Trails

Redwood Park is an easy choice for those who want to submerge themselves in a forest as they travel between Moraga and Orinda. The trail takes about 20 minutes by car so you can experience so you can either make a day of the walk and have a picnic or take to the road by bike and stop off for some outdoor dining in one of the cities. This area is beautiful in the Spring, but it’s also not to be missed in the winter, as the local Ladybug population is booming during the colder months.

Additionally, there are trails between Moraga and Walnut Creek where you can safely take your children on a bike ride, as the path is not connected to the road.

Judy Sin at the Lafayette Reservoir

And let’s not forget Lafayette Reservoir, which is a fabulous place to spend a free day with your family on a hike, picnic or boat excursion! You can even get in a spot of fishing at the reservoir if you’re lucky. There are countless activities to do as a family.

You may even like to tour the reservoir when you come to the area to view some houses with your Realtor Judy Sin. As a top buyers agent in Lamorinda, Judy is always happy to help you make the most of your trip to the area if you are moving from out of town to invest in the area.

Who are Your Neighbors? Discover More About the Population of Lamorinda

A key reason singles, couples and families seek help from a top realtor to relocate to Lamorinda is to live in an area that values community. Lamorinda's three cities (Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda) offer a welcome escape from the busier cities of the Bay Area.

Of course, the united community is a top reason people stay in the area, but who are these people who may soon become your neighbors if you choose to purchase a home in Lamorinda?

Population Size

Lamorinda is well spaced out to allow for larger family homes with additional bedrooms and plenty of yard space. Together the cities of Lamorinda occupy 37.5 square miles, split between Moraga (9.4 square miles), Orinda (12.7 square miles), and Lafayette (15.4 square miles). (Source:

The population of Lamorinda is relatively small within this large area, at about 61,750 people. Unsurprisingly the largest district of Lafayette houses just over 25,000 people. Orinda is home to 19,500 people and Moraga, the smallest city, is home to just under 17,000 people. (Source:

Population Ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity in Lamorinda (Source:

The population isn’t as diverse as the larger cities in the Bay Area. However, you can still get involved in events and socials to meet others with similar upbringings or cultures once you move to the area.

If you are specifically looking for a Chinese-speaking realtor, Judy Sin is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. Couple Judy’s language abilities with her specific local knowledge of the Lamorinda area, and it’s hard to find a Lamorinda realtor you will get on better with than Judy.

Household Income and Education

Before we go into the average housing costs of each district in another blog post, let’s look at the average annual household income.

  • In Moraga, a family of 4 pulls in around $280,000 per year

  • Families in Lafayette consistently earn more at $365,000 per annum

  • Households in Orinda earn the most at over $418,000 per year

These statistics reflect the generally very well-educated population. The majority of people (80%) in Orinda hold a degree, with over 70% of the population in Moraga and Lafayette also earning a degree to their name. To put this into perspective, the US average for people with a degree is just 22%.

Awarded degree in Lamorinda (Source:

Many people working in Lamorinda commute to larger cities, work in the tech industry, own businesses or are in caring careers such as teaching or child care. In addition, the people of Lamorinda are not only academically high achieving, but they are also renowned for being artistic. Thereby the people you will likely meet in your neighborhood will probably be interesting, well-educated and creative.

Occupations in Lamorinda (Source:

School Rankings

The school system is the number one reason Lamorinda is a great place to raise a family. Every local school here is top-rated amongst the state and consistently scores 8, 9 or 10 out of 10. 10 Lamorinda schools were recognized as California's distinguished schools in 2023. Everyone in the area raves about their teachers as they are passionate and knowledgeable about education. Many teachers are also in their second career and are fascinating people with lots to teach our kids about the world.

Kids’ Activities

Schools offer enrichment classes for the children to try new things like music, painting, soccer, and basketball or even learn a foreign language. Should you need it, schools also offer onsite after-school care for a small fee to cover costs for staff and equipment.

You can attend classes at a community center or studio and learn skills in languages, chess, the performing arts, dance, gymnastics, and track and field. There is an art studio on a farm in Lafayette where kids help with animal care and in the gardens! The kids may come home a little muddy, but it’s a small price to pay for the joy. These activities can boost confidence and help you and your children make friends with other locals.


Of course, having excellent schools is all very well and good, but what about transportation to the schools? Although the downside of living in a more suburban area of Lamorinda can be the lack of sidewalks, the neighborhoods are generally quiet and safe enough to walk from home to school. There are also private school buses to access schools that are further away from home.


The community in Lamorinda is evident to everyone, even to out-of-towners. Everyone loves to pitch in to make each other feel welcome and well-cared for. In all districts of Lamorinda there is a huge portion of young families with school-age children, so you won’t be far from others who are in the same boat as you. Many people move from the cities to raise their families in Lamorinda. People appreciate the community feel here and are keen to give back to the neighborhood now and helping others.

Is Lamorinda CA a Safe Place to Live?

Safety is of the utmost importance when relocating your family to a new district. As it stands, the cities within Lamorinda are generally very safe. What's more, the reports of crime generally fall under petty crime, robbery, or drunk driving, rather than violent crime. As a mom, Lamorinda realtor Judy Sin is keen to help her clients find homes they love in an area that suits their family.

As a Lamorinda resident, realtor Judy knows that living in this area feels safe. Orinda is rated among the safest cities in the country, and is rated the safest city within Lamorinda, outranking 69% of US cities for its crime rates. Although you should never ignore your gut instincts and practice general safety measures, the chances of violent crime in Orinda are a mere 1 in 3,252, and the chances of becoming a victim of property crime are just 7 of every 1,000 residents.

Moraga follows Orinda as one of the safest cities in the country, outranking 57% of cities nationally. The property crime rate in Moraga is average, at 9 residents in every 1,000. Additionally, the rate of violent crime sits well below the national average of 4 in every 1000 residents at just 0.89 per 1,000 residents.

Lafayette is safer than 51% of U.S. cities, and among California cities, it is safer than 77%. There are just 0.63 violent crimes for every 1,000 residents and 11 cases of property crime per 1,000 residents. Although statistically, Lafayette sounds less safe than Moraga and Orinda, these figures are average for all U.S cities. Downtown is considerably more lively and has more stores and restaurants. Hence, it’s not surprising these figures are slightly higher than Moraga and Orinda, and Lafayette generally feels very safe.

One further aspect to consider when moving house is the safety of being a road user and a pedestrian, especially if you have children who will be walking to their local school. Fortunately, the residential areas of Lamorinda are generally quiet, and cars aren’t in a rush as much as they would be in the Bay Area. Check out our blog on the "10 Most Walkable Neighborhoods Rank by Locals in Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda".

Compared to the rate of violent crime in San Fransisco, which hits 5.6 of every 1,000 residents, the cities in Lamorinda, just 35 minutes down the road, are an easy choice for a safer and less hectic home life. Please speak to Judy Sin of Selling Lamorinda for more recommendations on the best locations in this area.

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