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Fun Facts: Moraga's Pear History

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Happy World Pear Day!

Do you know that Moraga CA is historically known for pear farming?

Majority of the pears in the Moraga Valley are Bartlett pears, from trees planted by James Irvine, of the Moraga Company, around 1913.

  • Moraga Country Club used to be a huge pear orchard, and there is still a pear orchard along Moraga Way (next to Safeway).

  • There’s a Pear Festival in Moraga every year, and often volunteers were spread out throughout Moraga to pick pears to donate to the food bank. 🤗

  • Los Perales (Elementary) = means pears

These trees were planted over 100+ years ago, and despite long neglect, pear trees is vigorous and will produce large amount of fruits annually. 👨‍🌾

The oldest pear tree in Moraga CA?

➡Among the trees declared by the Moraga Historical Society as “Heritage Trees” is a five- trunk winter pear tree on the lawn of the Moraga Villa development at the corner of Moraga Road and St. Mary’s Road. According to old records, it may have been planted at the turn of the 20th century.

The developers of Villa Moraga had this pear tree cut down, but shoots emerged from the root and today we have a tree with five trunks. The five-foot diameter solid globe of its leaves and white blossoms on the multiple trunks presents a glorious sight in Spring.🌸

Info recap from @axelrodeorthomoraga @moraga_library and the moraga history org

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