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Lamorinda Realtor Judy Sin Gets 4 Of 4 Offers Accepted Despite Market Favoring Sellers

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

LAMORINDA, California – Despite the current real estate market heavily favoring sellers, Judy Sin, an experienced Compass real estate agent in Lamorinda, California, announced today that she got four out of four offers accepted for clients. The four offers accepted totaled more than $8 million in sales in 2022 – all while representing buyers.

The properties are:

1. 5894 Highwood Pl, Castro Valley – $2,725,000 (Listed at $2m, won against 7 offers including some all cash buyers)

2. 183 Canon Dr, Orinda – $1,550,000 (Listed at $1,495,000, a great deal for fixer upper, got it during Christmas)

3. 1844 Camino Pablo, Moraga – $2,200,000 (Listed at $1,675,000, won against 10 offers and all came very close to ours)

4. 335 Deerfield Dr, Moraga – $1,900,000 (Listed at $1.8m, won against multiple offers)

With the housing market being extremely competitive, buyers often struggle to find the perfect property and get their offer accepted. However, because of Sin’s prowess for negotiating on the behalf of buyers, four new buyers have brand new homes.

“Even though the current real estate market favors sellers, I was able to cut through the hurdles and deliver for my clients by getting their offers accepted,” Sin said. “Today, agents need the ability to work around the sellers’ market in order to ensure their clients get their desired price – and that’s exactly what I did and will continue doing for all of my clients.

A six-month inventory supply exists in a healthy market However, in Lamorinda, where Sin operates, there’s less than a month’s supply for an extended period of time. And extremely high demand and historic low inventory – like we’re experiencing now – causes a frenzy among buyers. But, despite the tremendous obstacles in her way, Sin still delivered for her clients.

Judy Sin is a real estate agent bred from the “new talent pool,” tasked with navigating the post-COVID world through flexibility, entrepreneurship, and the ability to be innovative. Her curation of living, buying, and selling in Lamorinda, California on Instagram is liked and followed by thousands around the world.

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