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Real Estate Agent Judy Sin Closes 9 Sales While Navigating the "New World" of Real Estate

Updated: 1 day ago

Lamorinda, CA, August 24, 2021 --( Judy Sin, an experienced Compass real estate agent in Lamorinda, California, announced today a slew of new sales due to her transition into “new world” real estate brought on by the pandemic. Within the last two months, Sin has closed nine deals for over $10 million, with four of them closing for more than $1 million.

Sin is a real estate agent bred from the “new talent pool,” tasked with navigating the post-COVID world through flexibility, entrepreneurship, and the ability to be innovative. During the pandemic, Sin quickly adopted a new virtual workflow - conducting zoom consultations and facetime showings; prioritized social media marketing, reaching more than 70,000 people a month on Instagram; completing electronic transaction management; and allowing clients to sign documents anywhere nationwide.

“In the post-COVID world, real estate agents have been tasked with the goal of adjusting to a new model of being an agent - and I have been lucky to earn the trust of many through the use of technology,” Sin said. “This means conducting virtual meetings and walkthroughs, reducing face-to-face contact while also providing world-class customer service and making all my clients feel safe and comfortable.”

With all of these changes being thrust on the world of real estate, Sin has continued to adapt and find the best methods to embrace change.

“Today, agents need the ability to lead and market in a virtual world, and I am extremely happy to have helped sellers and buyers navigate a new world of real estate to ensure everyone is receiving the best possible deal,” Sin said. “Going forward, I will continue to adapt to the changes thrown our way by the pandemic to continue serving the community.”

Judy Sin and her family moved to Moraga before the pandemic and immediately welcomed 10 chickens to their family. Her curation of living, buying, and selling in Lamorinda, California on Instagram is liked and followed by thousands around the world.

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